Pets at FireSong

Pet Policy for Hummingbird Inn

FireSong Pet Policy has been designed to protect pet owners and non-pet owners at the resort. We thank you in advance for your understanding of our Pet Policy. We all love our pets, and truly believe that they will behave perfectly all the time in both private and public settings. From time-to- time, however, ‘accidents’ do happen and we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that property damage is kept to a minimum. Please advise us immediately should an accident occur so we can take action to reduce or eliminate permanent stains or damage.

  1. A non-refundable $75.00 cleaning charge per stay will be received with booking of the Hummingbird Inn Cabin. An additional, $250 credit card pre-authorization is also collected at check-in and will be used for extra cleaning, if required. If any damage to furniture and fixtures by my pet(s) that exceed $250, FireSong will assess losses and charge accordingly. The decision to clean, repair or replace items, resides solely with FireSong Resort Village Home Owners Association.

  2. Please use protective blankets and/or keep your pets off the furniture & bedding.

  3. Pets accommodated at FireSong Resort Village are restricted to dogs only.

  4. FireSong Resort Village is a dog friendly property and permits access to dog(s) 45pound or less. Guide Dogs have no size restrictions.

  5. Maximum 2 dogs in the cabin.

  6. Dogs must never be left unattended while in the cabin. Please use the outside dog house if you need to leave your dog alone while you are away from the cabin.

  7. Dogs may feed in the cabin with reasonable care taken to restrict staining or other damage.

  8. All dogs must be leashed or confined to kennels while in any public resort areas.

  9. With respect to other guests with pet allergies, dogs must not be brought into any other cabins an additional cleaning fee will be applied.

  10. With the exception of animals for visually impaired guests, I understand that dogs are NOT allowed in the Gathering Place or the Marketplace of the resort.

  11. In the absence of the guest, FireSong is not responsible for the care of any dog(s) and waives any liability without exception. If the resort receives a noise complaint, a $50 charge will be applied to supervise the pet(s) in the guests’ absence. Additionally, in the event that there are continuous noise complaints you and your dog may be asked to leave the resort.

  12. FireSong reserves the right to refuse service to a cabin if a dog(s) is deemed too aggressive in nature and/or the resort’s staff is not comfortable in the presence of the dog(s). In such instances, you will agree that special arrangements can be made to service the cabin at a predetermined time.