Discover the Spirit of FireSong

Discover the Spirit of FireSong

The best way to understand the magic of FireSong is to experience it at your own pace. Where memories are created, friendships become lifelong bonds, families grow together, and where a simpler time isn’t just the old days, it’s today.

{Winter at FireSong}

{Summer at FireSong}

Featured Events

Ice Fishing

Call today to book your next ice fishing adventure! 

Kickoff to Summer

Join us Saturday, June 2nd from 1:00 - 5:00 for a fun filled family day of bonfires, water sports, live music, crafts and more!

What Others Are Saying

We absolutely LOVE coming to FireSong! The staff, atmosphere and scenery are all amazing. The kids love the year round activities, but we must say seeing Santa is definitely a highlight ;). We have been coming for years and will continue our family legacy here. Thank you! 


                                                          - The Sargeant Family